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The evening sunset after this morning’s rain. A nice slight rainbow effect in the sky off to the right as well. Was happy to be able to snap both the sunset and the color banding in the sky in full frame without having to resort to panorama mode.


The most noticeable remains (as seen from California hwy138) of the failed socialist utopian commune of the early 1900’s known as Llano Del Rio.





The ever cool and nostalgic F-14 Tomcat on display at Palmdale Airpark.

(4 pics in series.)


I found this to be a rather interesting trench in this cloud mass. It appeared as if an aircraft or something had cut through it, even though there were no planes or jets around the area of sky during the time.


The faster and more classified of the 2 blackbird aircraft on display in Palmdale. The A-12. From what I’ve gathered, this craft flew top secret even 2 years before to the SR-71’s announcing, which took place in 1964. Even after the project was shut down in 1968 the A-12 remained in classified secrecy for decades later. This particular A-12 was not seen by the public eye until the 90’s. The estimated speed of the A-12 was mach 3.35 in comparison to the SR-71’s mach 3.2. Aside from that, this craft could operate at a higher max altitude than the SR-71 and was specifically built for the CIA and operated only by CIA pilots.
I am still stunned in amazement that these supersonic aircraft existed in the early 60’s..well over 10 years prior to my birth into the world!


Head on view of one of the 2 blackbirds on display at the Palmdale blackbird air park. This is the SR-71A


Blackbirds of a much bigger and faster kind.
A duo of the stealthy and supersonic blackbird aircraft thought to be well ahead of their time. The SR-71A and the A-12 side by side at the blackbird airpark on Ave-P and 25st E in Palmdale.


I am strangely fascinated by these little beetles as they seem to possess super power grip strength with little suction cup like feet padding similar to that of a gecko lizard.


Tortoise beetle on yellow garden flower.

Color series of views at the Devil’s Punchbowl Ca.
SAMSUNG CSCRocks and tree: In color

SAMSUNG CSCWindow to the Sky

SAMSUNG CSCTaking in the epic view.

SAMSUNG CSCMaking big things looks small.

SAMSUNG CSCDry mossy rock

SAMSUNG CSCBig rocks and bright clouded sky.

SAMSUNG CSCStanding on a rock.

SAMSUNG CSCManzanita tree

SAMSUNG CSCRocky view and jet streak

SAMSUNG CSCCloud streaking: wide view.

SAMSUNG CSCA view for miles. From this point the city of Palmdale can be seen in near distance. In the far distance you could even see the Tehachapi windfarms and then all the way out to the mojave desert in the furthest of view.

SAMSUNG CSCMore miles of view.