I had just purchased a shutter remote for my camera with an interval timer and thought I’d try some star trailing shoots. This is my second attempt at this using a compilation of just 62 images at 30 second exposure in 1 minute intervals (30sec capture 30 seconds processing time) and 400iso.

The iconic Arch rock, east Anacapa

A little fun with light in the darkness of the Angeles Forest hills.


A tranquil stream located in the ravines of Vasquez Rock California. Water continues to trickle down into it from the high ground but the stream itself appears motionless as a bed of leaves nearly covers its entirety. I had nearly jumped into while exploring through here believing that it was only leaves upon dry earth until examining it a little closer and hearing the dripping of water between the darkened crevice.


This little flycatcher wants more cookie crumbs than what will acceptably fit in his little beak.


One of the few meteor streaks I was able to capture on camera during Saturday’s Geminid meteor shower. With the dozens that I was able to see with my own eyes, I found out how NOT so easy it was to actually capture one on camera! With 3 hours of continually shooting at 20-30 seconds exposures, I think I was able to actually get only 4 to 5 of these streaks through the camera eye, and never more than a single one each time, even though there were several moments where I saw 2 or more passing just seconds apart!
Single image processed in lightroom.
ISO800 25sec f3.5 20mm focal length

Spent some time on the beach Saturday night to watch the Geminid meteor shower. Although wasn’t able to capture any meteors in this shot, the result still came out rather nicely for a single image shot.
ISO 800 f3.5 20sec


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