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300mm iso200 f5.6 1/500


The last trace of sunset’s glow before slipping into the darkness of the night sky and the light of the stars.

Taken at iso200 22mm F5.0 at 20 sec.



What I consider a pleasantly lucky capture of these little Mojave blues in motion. I had no intention of trying to photograph these little unpredictable flutter bugs in flight with a manual focus 300mm lens. The thought of chasing these bugs (who are about the size of your thumbnail) in action with what I was using, would be completely absurd. I was fixed on trying to capture the little one perched on the flower when another one happened to do a chance fly by. You can bet I was most certainly thrilled by this occurrence as well. 😁
300mm f5.6 manual focus


I’m pretty sure that nature itself rules the work of art department, although there are quite many art forms and many things which can be considered a work of art, nature still is pretty much the boss.


Or maybe that’s just my ‘dorkside’??
Having a bit of fun and possibly creating some abstract ‘me art’ in the dark.
8second exposure time at iso100. Mild backlighting effect added after to produce a stronger silhouette.


Or maybe a dotted blue?..or? Not quite sure as minute differences in these tiny butterflies make them rather difficult to identify if you’re not an entomologist or lepidopterist. Going on my best educated guess though and hopefully it’s correct but, if someone more knowledgeable knows I’m wrong then please feel free to correct me. 😊


A small and boldly colored red and black assassin bug stalks the desert grounds in wait for prey.


Cactus blooms which are growing between a chain link fence that separates a fire road from the wash in the backyard.


So after getting me some new hiking shoes today, I thought I’d give their soles a little grip test by visiting the local famous Vasquez Rock state park. All in all I was pretty satisfied with how well my shoes held up to the sandstone faces of the rocks but, I was much more satisfied with the views and nature to behold on today’s visit. Here is the first of more to come. Hope you enjoy.