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A most amazing sky yesterday evening on a hot and humid summer night which I could not let pass without getting some shots off!

Sunset at Channel Islands Harbor in time lapse. Taken with my JVC adixxion.


I’m pretty sure that nature itself rules the work of art department, although there are quite many art forms and many things which can be considered a work of art, nature still is pretty much the boss.


The evening sunset after this morning’s rain. A nice slight rainbow effect in the sky off to the right as well. Was happy to be able to snap both the sunset and the color banding in the sky in full frame without having to resort to panorama mode.


Although the mornings are enough to freeze things over, the winter season here has not yet been too cold for very long, and the days this week have even been quite warm. With sunsets such as these, you would not believe we’ve had any winter weather in the California deserts at all!


CuriousVogel 25thA

CuriousVogel 25thB


AV Sunset CuriousVogel

Envying all the wonderful places that some of my followers live, I tend to forget just how amazing my own home desert can be much of the time! This is the view from the trails of 25th street at dusk