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Or maybe a dotted blue?..or? Not quite sure as minute differences in these tiny butterflies make them rather difficult to identify if you’re not an entomologist or lepidopterist. Going on my best educated guess though and hopefully it’s correct but, if someone more knowledgeable knows I’m wrong then please feel free to correct me. 😊


A small and boldly colored red and black assassin bug stalks the desert grounds in wait for prey.


So after getting me some new hiking shoes today, I thought I’d give their soles a little grip test by visiting the local famous Vasquez Rock state park. All in all I was pretty satisfied with how well my shoes held up to the sandstone faces of the rocks but, I was much more satisfied with the views and nature to behold on today’s visit. Here is the first of more to come. Hope you enjoy.


Yours truly having a little fun on a boulder along the top of Stoney Point park Chatsworth Ca. Below me is Topanga cyn road, and behind is the 118 fwy. The rocky formations are all a part of the Santa Susanna mountain range. Colorsplash effect added in android photo editor app.

Color series of views at the Devil’s Punchbowl Ca.
SAMSUNG CSCRocks and tree: In color

SAMSUNG CSCWindow to the Sky

SAMSUNG CSCTaking in the epic view.

SAMSUNG CSCMaking big things looks small.

SAMSUNG CSCDry mossy rock

SAMSUNG CSCBig rocks and bright clouded sky.

SAMSUNG CSCStanding on a rock.

SAMSUNG CSCManzanita tree

SAMSUNG CSCRocky view and jet streak

SAMSUNG CSCCloud streaking: wide view.

SAMSUNG CSCA view for miles. From this point the city of Palmdale can be seen in near distance. In the far distance you could even see the Tehachapi windfarms and then all the way out to the mojave desert in the furthest of view.

SAMSUNG CSCMore miles of view.

Some of the black & white scenes from my Saturday venture at the Devil’s Punchbowl.
The Angry Giants
The Angry Giants

Canyon view from high ground
View From the High Ground

Background and foreground contrasts
Background and Foreground Contrast

Rocks and trees
Rocks and Trees

Strange Mouths
Strange Mouths

See Through Peaks
See Through Peaks

Sky Views From Below
Sky Views From Below

Rocks and Trees II
Rocks and Trees II