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Miss me??

Been awhile since I’ve posted anything here but letting you all know I’m still around on occasion. Most of my photos have moved on to my instagram account, under phantom_vogel if any of you are instagrammers. Anyhow, here is a photo from my stay up north at my brother’s family cabin in Oakhurst Ca. This is a single image capture (brightened in lightroom) of the night sky out there, where little light pollution exists, so the milky way can clearly be viewed with the naked eye.

Taken with my Samsung NX500 16mm, f3.5, Iso 800, 25sec exposure

Western Tiger Swallowtail butterfly drinking by a creek side.

While visiting a friend who was doing some work on my vehicle out in Adelanto Ca. some nights ago, I decided to take the opportunity during the evening hours to take advantage of the desert night sky from the backyard of his home in the great wide open and put my intervalometer to use again.


A little fun with light in the darkness of the Angeles Forest hills.

A tranquil stream located in the ravines of Vasquez Rock California. Water continues to trickle down into it from the high ground but the stream itself appears motionless as a bed of leaves nearly covers its entirety. I had nearly jumped into while exploring through here believing that it was only leaves upon dry earth until examining it a little closer and hearing the dripping of water between the darkened crevice.




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I love the strange insect world just as much as I do reptiles and other animals. Certain insects like this praying mantis I had found yesterday, look to be curious little critters that seem to possess a bit of personality!