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Some of the desert lands of California such as death valley, and here in Elizabeth lake, are currently experiencing a large quantity of wildflower blooms adding a vibrant burst of color to otherwise dry and desolate lands. However, places I was expecting to see wildflowers and poppies flourish, such as Lancaster Ca. and it’s poppy reserve, were a dry and sad let down when visited.


A view from Hollywood Beach in Oxnard Ca. A hot clear after summer weekend with a clear view of Channel Islands in the distance.
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Somewhere down the road of palmdale blvd.
I thought the sporadic rocky geological formations in the background were an interesting find. It’s always a wonder how these areas were formed so many million years ago.


Ahhhh….sunsets from the deserts never grow old.


A bit of clouds
A bit of land
A bit of moon
A bit of sky
A bit of trees
Enjoy! 🙂

This image of scorched bushes and dry landscape of the Lake Elizabeth area I think help to show California’s deep need for a good rain, as we are currently starting to face a serious drought crisis. As beautiful as our sunny skies and warm temperatures appear, if I could control the weather, I would much invite the east coast’s snow and freezing temperatures here momentarily to help curb our drought problem.