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A view from Hollywood Beach in Oxnard Ca. A hot clear after summer weekend with a clear view of Channel Islands in the distance.
Sorry friends, I have not post in awhile but I am still expressing disappointment for WP for slow browser issues and inability to ‘like’ and catch up on some of my followers posts late in the day if I do not receive subscription posts directly in my email box. Since all of my posts are photos though anyways, I have moved over to instagram and can be found under the same name curious_vogel. Although my posts can’t be viewed under the same resolution and grand scale as here on WP, it is quicker and more reliable and it isn’t riddled with all the technical issues I experience here. If you are receiving my likes and comments on your posts, it is most likely because I am getting direct emails of your posts by subscription daily. If you are not getting my ‘likes’ however, it is probably because if you are not within the first 50 or so blog posts I scroll through when I log into WP.. the ‘like’ button tends to render itself useless.



A most amazing sky yesterday evening on a hot and humid summer night which I could not let pass without getting some shots off!

An interesting capture of the moon within the night clouds. The cloud formation resembling somewhat of a monstrous skeletal hand.

A view of the beach in the evening at Channel Islands Harbor around the corner from where my brother lives.

Using my JVC action cam in the backyard this evening, and set in time lapse mode, I shot a little over an hour of the sun going down (before my battery was expended) and then sped up the 2 and 1/2 minutes of footage I was left with afterwards so that you can witness todays first summer of the sun going down in around 40 seconds. Hope you enjoy!


The last trace of sunset’s glow before slipping into the darkness of the night sky and the light of the stars.

Taken at iso200 22mm F5.0 at 20 sec.


So after getting me some new hiking shoes today, I thought I’d give their soles a little grip test by visiting the local famous Vasquez Rock state park. All in all I was pretty satisfied with how well my shoes held up to the sandstone faces of the rocks but, I was much more satisfied with the views and nature to behold on today’s visit. Here is the first of more to come. Hope you enjoy.


Oddly enough, this strange cloud gave me a craving for some krispy kreme doughnuts! 😉