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Some of the desert lands of California such as death valley, and here in Elizabeth lake, are currently experiencing a large quantity of wildflower blooms adding a vibrant burst of color to otherwise dry and desolate lands. However, places I was expecting to see wildflowers and poppies flourish, such as Lancaster Ca. and it’s poppy reserve, were a dry and sad let down when visited.

Western Tiger Swallowtail butterfly drinking by a creek side.

Trying to make a nice image of a spot which now brings a sigh of sadness as this once wonderful recreational spot we know as Elizabeth Lake in the Antelope Valley now shows the signs of the seriousness of California’s drought. Where I had captured this image, at one point in time I would be waist deep or above in water.



An overlook of the landscape and city of Canyon Country from sand canyon road’s bear divide, on the path to the historical Nike missile base site.

While visiting a friend who was doing some work on my vehicle out in Adelanto Ca. some nights ago, I decided to take the opportunity during the evening hours to take advantage of the desert night sky from the backyard of his home in the great wide open and put my intervalometer to use again.


The iconic Arch rock, east Anacapa

A tranquil stream located in the ravines of Vasquez Rock California. Water continues to trickle down into it from the high ground but the stream itself appears motionless as a bed of leaves nearly covers its entirety. I had nearly jumped into while exploring through here believing that it was only leaves upon dry earth until examining it a little closer and hearing the dripping of water between the darkened crevice.


Spent some time on the beach Saturday night to watch the Geminid meteor shower. Although wasn’t able to capture any meteors in this shot, the result still came out rather nicely for a single image shot.
ISO 800 f3.5 20sec