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My intention was to upload some photos for the evening but since yet again wordpress has decided to give me issues to where I cannot delete my old photographs to make room for new ones I am posting a clip of some original bands and songs which you have probably never heard. This evening’s band is one of my brother’s side bands called Three On A Match and the song is called Tonight. Enjoy! With all the bugs I continually seem to encounter with wordpress and lack of free upload space it gives, it is no wonder why I prefer my postings on instagram these days. OK, rant over. Hope everyone has a wonderful night…or day..depending where in the world you are reading this from.

Trying to make a nice image of a spot which now brings a sigh of sadness as this once wonderful recreational spot we know as Elizabeth Lake in the Antelope Valley now shows the signs of the seriousness of California’s drought. Where I had captured this image, at one point in time I would be waist deep or above in water.

Tonights so dubbed strawberry full moon.