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When driving to Malibu Beach California by way of Topanga Canyon, this is a portion of the view of what we refer to as ‘the valley’ from the top of the lookout point on Topanga.

CuriousVogel RedBeetle

CuriousVogel Jumpingspider

CuriousVogel Beetle1

CuriousVogel FatJumpingSpider

CuriousVogel RedBlackBeetle

CuriousVogel Beetle2

CuriousVogel OneleggedHopper

In our weed jungle for a lawn, a quick close inspection can uncover quite the variety of little spiders and insects either feasting on plants, or on the hunt for other bugs out there!

Katydid CuriousVogel

Katydid on apple tree in the garden.

CuriousVogel Spider

A interesting spider, which I am not yet familiar with, in the yard.

CuriousVogel Trains

Two trains about to cross paths in Mojave desert.


Even without the use of a cameras miniature effect setting, a long and large train can appear like nothing than a tiny toy against the grand scale of the mojave desert.

CloudMountain CuriousVogel

A large cloud in our distant hills, appearing to create its own landscape of mountains and hills.



When driving to or from Los Angeles via the 101 fwy, one may not help but notice this gargantuan steel structure from off to the side of the road. I have seen it often and wondered what it was so, after a little research, I have discovered it is part of a Los Angeles high school, designed by the Coop Himmelb(l)au architecture firm.
Now, while browsing the web you can find pictures and stories about the entire school, which looks to be a fascinating design of architecture but, from the freeway the photographed pieces which I have captured happens to be only the school’s tower centerpiece.
After seeing this tower, some may not help but think about how awesome it would be to get inside or walk through all that steel however, when researching the functionality of this grande sized art piece, I have come to discover that that, is all it is!
Reading about the cost to build this school, which was nearly triple it’s first estimated cost, and then finding out that this tower strayed from its original idea (to be used as a special events room and could be rented out) and is now also completely unusable with zero functionality, it cannot help but to evoke the thought of “What a waste of potential, taxpayer money, and steel!”
Although I do not mind extravagant art and sculptures at times, especially if an artist is investing their own money into it, but when it happens to be city/county approved and funded with citizens tax dollars (while many know or have heard of all those school district budget cuts, debts, teacher layoffs, etc.) I cannot help but feel that this visually stunning architectural work here is just a bit of showy arrogance and a failure of truly good functional architecture.
If I am wrong in thinking this, I would love to have some light shed on what I believe to be just ostentatious design and wasted space.
I must admit, it does make a nice and interesting picture though!


While zipping down the highway on the 138 on our way to Vegas, a lone standing chimney caught my eye as it appeared to be the last standing remnant of what house or other building that used to be.

Baby mantis on a small blooming rosebud
BabyMantis on Bud CuriousVogel
Amazing what great things you can capture sometimes right outside your door!