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A blue belly lizard giving just a peek of its pretty blue underside.

A morning view of the beach at Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard Ca. It seemed like very few people were up at this time as mostly only the shore birds were taking advantage of the lovely setting here and sand fishing for their breakfast.

A long billed curlew finds itself a little early morning sand crab meal along the shores of Oxnard beach Ca.




Just a little view at home in the evening.


So, when my brother and his band play a show around town, I usually get to borrow the keys to his 57′ Chevy until my own ride is roadworthy enough for the drive back and forth to his place. Of course, when I’m driving, I usually don’t get the chance to take and photos so, on this day I tagged along when he took a trip to the store and got this shot while cruising down harbor blvd. Did a little selective coloring in the post process and ended up with a shot that would probably make a nice album or some sort of cover photo!


A wide angle view of the moon and sea at night from the beach in channel islands harbor Oxnard Ca. The lights in the distance of the sea are massive oil rigs which are stationed out there.


Sorry followers, it’s been quite awhile since I last logged in or uploaded anything! I spent the past labor day weekend at my brothers place right near the beach in Oxnard Ca. and decided to take a stroll along the beach Saturday night and get a shot or two. I was pretty pleased with this one as I was able to bring out the milky way just a little bit in this single image using only lightroom. Hope you enjoy!