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Bee in the yellows

Just a little day shot taken with Samsung NX1000 CSC & Canon 35-80mm lens


Or maybe it is a planet because it sure was bright for such a tiny little speck! At any rate it was the first bright light in the evening sky and it was not the moon and not a copter or an airplane.
At 100iso this one did require the use of a tripod, but only a short 5 second time was needed. Also taken with NX1000 and Albinar 28mm lens combo at F2.8.


This shot was taken using my NX with Super Albinar 28mm f2.8 lens. Shot nearing the end of sundown hand held at iso 400 and a speed of 1/60 of a second. I must say I am pretty impressed with the clarity and the amount of light this lens lets in during darkening hours as I can still shoot without a tripod and through a camera body with no built in image stabilization. However, I will let my followers who have the years of experience which I do not have be the judge of how well the images with this lens turn out.

Little birdy fly by

Ok, so while rummaging through my mom n pop’s house and their old camera stuff which they no longer use, I happened to uncover some new finds for my own CSC. I had found a unused slr super albinar 28mm 2.8 wide angle lens, which I believe was meant for an old Minolta camera which they once possessed. Along with that, I had found a Canon 630 slr equipped with a 35-80mm lens. I had purchased myself a couple of adapter rings to fit these lenses to my Samsung NX1000 body and today was a day to test them out.
The shot which I have here was taken using the Canon 35-80mm lens. The next shot which I will upload will be one taken with my NX albinar lens combo.


A small common Uta lizard basking in the desert sun on a lone random brick. Taken with my Olympus TG-1 adventure camera in dramatic setting mode and then retouched.



What appears to be woodpecker holes on an underside of a Joshua tree trunk.