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My intention was to upload some photos for the evening but since yet again wordpress has decided to give me issues to where I cannot delete my old photographs to make room for new ones I am posting a clip of some original bands and songs which you have probably never heard. This evening’s band is one of my brother’s side bands called Three On A Match and the song is called Tonight. Enjoy! With all the bugs I continually seem to encounter with wordpress and lack of free upload space it gives, it is no wonder why I prefer my postings on instagram these days. OK, rant over. Hope everyone has a wonderful night…or day..depending where in the world you are reading this from.

My brother playing his upright bass with one of his bands and posing in photo finish fashion to one of their songs.

My brother’s band HARD SIX was fortunate enough to play in the Roadshow Revival show yesterday in Ventura California and open up for Los Lobos, The Paladins, James Intveld, Dale Watson and several other bands big in the Rock and Roll, Rockabilly, Hard Rock, and/or Country Western scene.
The show itself is a tribute to the music of Johnny Cash so, many bands had covered several Johnny Cash tunes while also getting to play originals of their own. This particular song is a new original medley from my brother’s band titled Black Syrup Sky performed live. Anyone living around the beaches or harbors during certain overcast nights may be able to relate to title on this one and anyone big on emotions or ballads may be able to relate to whole song itself. My brother is the bassist for the band.

Thought i’d post a little video today and help promote my eldest brother’s band HARD SIX who will be playing this weekend at the Roadshow Revival show in Ventura Ca. with bands like LOS LOBOS and several others in the lineup paying homage to the great Johnny Cash. This is their Rock & Roll rendition of a classic Hank Williams tune Wedding Bells which they performed last weekend at The Whales Tail in Oxnard Ca. Although they can and do play many covers of good ol’ country western and rock & roll hits they have many of their own original songs as well which I will share later if you folks enjoy. 🙂