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A small and boldly colored red and black assassin bug stalks the desert grounds in wait for prey.

Color series of views at the Devil’s Punchbowl Ca.
SAMSUNG CSCRocks and tree: In color

SAMSUNG CSCWindow to the Sky

SAMSUNG CSCTaking in the epic view.

SAMSUNG CSCMaking big things looks small.

SAMSUNG CSCDry mossy rock

SAMSUNG CSCBig rocks and bright clouded sky.

SAMSUNG CSCStanding on a rock.

SAMSUNG CSCManzanita tree

SAMSUNG CSCRocky view and jet streak

SAMSUNG CSCCloud streaking: wide view.

SAMSUNG CSCA view for miles. From this point the city of Palmdale can be seen in near distance. In the far distance you could even see the Tehachapi windfarms and then all the way out to the mojave desert in the furthest of view.

SAMSUNG CSCMore miles of view.


One of many holes and spaces in the rock formations at the Devil’s Punch Bowl in Pearblossom Ca.


Sun peeking through one of the many great formations at the historical Vasquez Rock California. More photos of my visit to come!