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I love the strange insect world just as much as I do reptiles and other animals. Certain insects like this praying mantis I had found yesterday, look to be curious little critters that seem to possess a bit of personality!



A tiny sweat bee on a garden flower, after indulging in a bit of flower nectar, decided to show off a rather fearsome and alien-like display of it’s mandibles and mouth parts.


A little macro of a tiny sweat bee in one of the garden flowers. I found this little pollinator drinking nectar from the flower and then making some interesting weird faces with a droplet in its mandibles.


What I consider a pleasantly lucky capture of these little Mojave blues in motion. I had no intention of trying to photograph these little unpredictable flutter bugs in flight with a manual focus 300mm lens. The thought of chasing these bugs (who are about the size of your thumbnail) in action with what I was using, would be completely absurd. I was fixed on trying to capture the little one perched on the flower when another one happened to do a chance fly by. You can bet I was most certainly thrilled by this occurrence as well. 😁
300mm f5.6 manual focus


I am strangely fascinated by these little beetles as they seem to possess super power grip strength with little suction cup like feet padding similar to that of a gecko lizard.


Tortoise beetle on yellow garden flower.


One of the various and neatly colored types of tiger moths that seem to be abundant around the end summer in our desert.