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A very large stink beetle we had encountered during our hike at stoney point Ca.
This was snapped in super macro mode on my olympus tg-1.


I am strangely fascinated by these little beetles as they seem to possess super power grip strength with little suction cup like feet padding similar to that of a gecko lizard.





While sitting on the benches waiting for my daughters riding lessons, I couldn’t help but be distracted by some ants playing tug-of-war over a beetle’s dead carcass. At first, there were 3 two-toned ants against 1 red ant. The red ant was very persistent and took on multiple attacks and bites from the other 3 ants and went in to retreat mode several times, only to come back again and again for more. Finally, after several minutes of vicious attacks from the two-tones, the red ant waited for the rival ants to believe they were victorious until finally allowing the hauling duty of the dead beetle to be given to only one ant. After a clear path had been established by the hauler, away from the pack, the red ant finally came back once again to fight in a one on one tug-of-war. Another few minutes had passed with one taking control of the beetle back and forth until at last, the red ant had finally taken control and had gained enough ground away from the two toned ant group to give chase and they had ultimately given up.

CuriousVogel RedBeetle

CuriousVogel Jumpingspider

CuriousVogel Beetle1

CuriousVogel FatJumpingSpider

CuriousVogel RedBlackBeetle

CuriousVogel Beetle2

CuriousVogel OneleggedHopper

In our weed jungle for a lawn, a quick close inspection can uncover quite the variety of little spiders and insects either feasting on plants, or on the hunt for other bugs out there!