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A pair of western tiger swallowtail butterflies stopping for a creek side drink.

Western Tiger Swallowtail butterfly drinking by a creek side.



What I consider a pleasantly lucky capture of these little Mojave blues in motion. I had no intention of trying to photograph these little unpredictable flutter bugs in flight with a manual focus 300mm lens. The thought of chasing these bugs (who are about the size of your thumbnail) in action with what I was using, would be completely absurd. I was fixed on trying to capture the little one perched on the flower when another one happened to do a chance fly by. You can bet I was most certainly thrilled by this occurrence as well. 😁
300mm f5.6 manual focus


Or maybe a dotted blue?..or? Not quite sure as minute differences in these tiny butterflies make them rather difficult to identify if you’re not an entomologist or lepidopterist. Going on my best educated guess though and hopefully it’s correct but, if someone more knowledgeable knows I’m wrong then please feel free to correct me. 😊



During our 2011 trip to the mini island of Mackinac in Michigan, we had the chance to visit a house of butterflies on display during the summer season.



A little dark as this was shot in the shade but, caught some pretty good detail in this close up of this little insect. This little flutter bug I think was ready to retire for the day as even the wind or me up in its face with my lens did not cause it to budge from its place.


Maybe I’m just being mean, but I find these to be the most common and sort of the ugly ducklings of the butterfly world around the home. However, unlike the ugly duckling, these don’t get any prettier or colorful looking after this stage!


Probably the smallest butterfly I have been able to capture thus far. This little one was probably no larger than my index fingernail!
Surprisingly, this tiny thing even stayed cooperatively still after finding a spot to land as well. I was able to get probably only within 3 inches of my lens hovering over this one without disrupting its peace and causing it to relocate again.