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Just a little flower cluster.
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Though I cannot view photographs on the same grand scale as I can here at wordpress, I have been dealing with slow uploads and viewing here, and I am also dealing with frustrating issues of this site not responding to my likes when clicking on them. Though I am not abandoning my wordpress account, I am not signed on as often as I would like to be and if I am behind in liking all your great posts, I apologize as it is because of slow mobile viewing or these annoying technical issues of this site. I thank you all for your likes, comments, and support in any event though!

I love when you can’t seem to tell a photo from a painting, and vise versa! I was using my close up 10x magnifier lens attachment to focus on the center of this mallow flower and the extreme depth of field the magnifier created tended to blur out the flower petals and background to such a degree, that the end result appeared much more like an art painting than it did a photograph.

A tiny sweat bee on a garden flower, after indulging in a bit of flower nectar, decided to show off a rather fearsome and alien-like display of it’s mandibles and mouth parts.



A little macro of a tiny sweat bee in one of the garden flowers. I found this little pollinator drinking nectar from the flower and then making some interesting weird faces with a droplet in its mandibles.


300mm iso200 f5.6 1/500


Cactus blooms which are growing between a chain link fence that separates a fire road from the wash in the backyard.



Along a lone hike today around Elizabeth Lake Ca. I had found a single poppy flower hidden behind the shade of small rock. Most of the surrounding desert area of my journey was burnt and barren land still recovering from Lake Hughes station fire last summer so, to find this bright little flower in the middle of seemingly nowhere was a beautiful treat.