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4 Eyes


Beyond this creepy bare tree, eerily topped with two dark ravens, lies a leveled hill where a house twice stood before being consumed by flames.
I do not yet know the true story but, as a child and a teenager I did witness a house upon this hill, and twice a time where it had appeared to be severely burned by fire.
One story I had been told which stuck (around the first time it had been burned down) was that a young girl had died in the fire and that the grounds of what was left standing were since haunted by the girl’s spirit. The story was followed by, satanic cults occupied the grounds and performed strange rituals in the night.
This legend was terrifying enough for me to never try and explore the area.
Some years later I witnessed the house had been rebuilt and remodeled but, not too long after, it had burned down again and that would be the last time I would see anything standing there. Now, as an adult I wonder if the story i was told as a youth was really true, or just a bit of urban myths & legends?