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A view from Hollywood Beach in Oxnard Ca. A hot clear after summer weekend with a clear view of Channel Islands in the distance.
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A view of the valley down Topanga cyn. California from a rocky hiking point known as stoney point. Over the mountain range in far background if you were to continue along Topanga, you would reach Pacific Coast Highway and Malibu Beach.


Daylight savings strikes again with another 4:30pm sundown. The power lines from the tower in the hills almost appears to be attached to the fading sun behind the hills in this particular shot.


Lookout point in Antelope valley from the 14 freeway at dusk in negative.


An interesting display of glowing clouds lit by the last rays of sundown, under a layer of darkened clouds above, from my backyard.

When I think of the word “sea” I think beaches and shores of blue ocean with an unending view of the water.
As fortunate as I am to live fairly close to many of California’s beaches I felt the greatest view of the sea I ever had was during my 2010 trip to the island of Kauai while hiking along the Kalalau trails.

Reagan library 023_Edited

Berlin Wall chunk

Berlin Wall chunk

Reagan library 072_Edited

Reagan library 071_Edited

Reagan library 061_Edited

Reagan library 060_Edited

Reagan library 053_Edited

Reagan library 045_Edited

Reagan library 043_Edited

Reagan library 027_Edited

Reagan library 028_Edited

Reagan library 025_Edited

Reagan library 024_Edited

Reagan library 073_Edited

Whether you were a fan of U.S. president Ronald Reagan or not, the Ronald Reagan Presidential library and museum is still a great and interesting place to visit if ever in Southern California.
Located on a secluded hill top in simi valley Ca. the library has some very nice gardens, architecture, and some beautiful views.
I visited the library towards the end of 2012 on a partially rainy and overcast day. The photos were taken using my old Canon elph 500hs point & shoot. Again, I wish I had my current camera but, i think the photos still came out pretty well using some of the in camera’s creative options at the time.


A view from a community park in Santa Clarita Ca. which lies atop a hill. You can see part of a housing track which then ends and leads to layers of hills beyond.