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Just a little view at home in the evening.

An early style muscle car type, 1964 Mercury Comet.
I think most people would associate muscle cars with the 70’s but I think the squaring of vehicles and big engines were in probably around 10 years earlier with cars like the Pontiac Bonneville, GTO, Chevy Impala, or Ford Galaxy.

Front view of my Hudson at home in the driveway with the accessory grill emblem light on after coming home from this evening’s cruise night at the local neighborhood In & Out burger. Many old classics had unique and neat little emblems or hood ornament features which helped to distinguish your vehicles brand and/or stand out amongst the crowd and some were lighted to be seen in day or night!

Hudson dash
A selective colored look from the driver’s seat of my Hudson.

Using a little blurring image effect around the outline of my vehicle, I hoped to make my car appear to be a little more in motion than just standing still in park.


Captured this shot at a Hollywood Hot Rods show in Burbank Ca. in 2008. Did a little retouch and tried a little bit of an artsy image effect on the original.





A set of interesting decommissioned construction vehicles found on the side of San Fransisquito road in California. Allowed me the chance to experiment with some in-camera options.