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I love to shoot trees and forest scenes in black and white mode. It’s amazing how lack of color, light and shadow, in an otherwise colorful and beautiful scene, can easily turn it into something more haunting and mysterious.

A bit of clouds
A bit of land
A bit of moon
A bit of sky
A bit of trees
Enjoy! 🙂


Our drought stricken SoCal is finally getting a much needed raining and I can bet that nature is enjoying every drop.

This image of scorched bushes and dry landscape of the Lake Elizabeth area I think help to show California’s deep need for a good rain, as we are currently starting to face a serious drought crisis. As beautiful as our sunny skies and warm temperatures appear, if I could control the weather, I would much invite the east coast’s snow and freezing temperatures here momentarily to help curb our drought problem.


Shot handheld with Samsung NX1000 and 1980’s manual focus super albinar 50-200mm lens at ISO100 and F-3.9 1/200sec.
Full zoom, handheld, and using this old lens with no in camera OIS can be very hit and miss. I think the sharpness of the moon turned out rather well on this particular one though.



Ok, so maybe they aren’t turtle doves, but they are 2 doves in a tree none the less.
Hope that everyone had themselves a joyfull and spectacular holiday!


Although the mornings are enough to freeze things over, the winter season here has not yet been too cold for very long, and the days this week have even been quite warm. With sunsets such as these, you would not believe we’ve had any winter weather in the California deserts at all!


A beautiful golden afternoon from the ranch.


I don’t believe this hawk was related to nest in the tree, as the hawk seemed quite small in comparison but, it made for an interesting shot never the less.