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Another closing of sunset at Channel Islands Harbor, Oxnard Ca.

When day and night converge at the beach.

A view of Hollywood Beach in Oxnard Ca. as sundown comes to a close.



A most amazing sky yesterday evening on a hot and humid summer night which I could not let pass without getting some shots off!

Sunset at Channel Islands Harbor in time lapse. Taken with my JVC adixxion.

Using my JVC action cam in the backyard this evening, and set in time lapse mode, I shot a little over an hour of the sun going down (before my battery was expended) and then sped up the 2 and 1/2 minutes of footage I was left with afterwards so that you can witness todays first summer of the sun going down in around 40 seconds. Hope you enjoy!


Although the mornings are enough to freeze things over, the winter season here has not yet been too cold for very long, and the days this week have even been quite warm. With sunsets such as these, you would not believe we’ve had any winter weather in the California deserts at all!


The evening sky viewed from Don E Brooks ranch in California. A very bright sliver of a moon this evening and what is presumably the planet Venus to upper left corner also shining mighty bright.