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What I assumed had been lost or deleted, I have rediscovered on just a misplaced memory card. In my original posting of “The Unhealthy Beautiful Sky” (also seen in my page ‘photographs through the eyes of I’) I actually took more than just one shot of the scene on that day but using different in camera light balancing options. The original was done in a natural daylight option. These 2 extra shots I had taken were done using the tungsten, and florescent, light balance options. Each seems to give off it’s own different and unique vibe to the picture so, you can decide which one you think turned out best.


Wooden fences will not keep out the burning skies.
Took this in the backyard during one of the big fires which burned through the valley earlier this summer.

SCV fire CuriousVogel

SCV fire BnW CuriousVogel

SCV fire closer4 CuriousVogel

SCV fire closer2 CuriousVogel

SCV fire closer3 CuriousVogel

SCV fire closer CuriousVogel

Day 3 of our Santa Clarita Valley fire Ca.
The fire has about tripled in size since it first started. If I didn’t know any better, I would’ve assumed we had an active volcano in our hills.

SAMSUNG CSCThe Unhealthy Beautiful Sky

The increasing temperatures in the deserts of California bring about a slew of local brush fires and yet, amazing scenes can be captured through the smoke and ash of a choking sky!