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Another closing of sunset at Channel Islands Harbor, Oxnard Ca.

When day and night converge at the beach.

A view of Hollywood Beach in Oxnard Ca. as sundown comes to a close.

A view from Hollywood Beach in Oxnard Ca. A hot clear after summer weekend with a clear view of Channel Islands in the distance.
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A morning view of the beach at Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard Ca. It seemed like very few people were up at this time as mostly only the shore birds were taking advantage of the lovely setting here and sand fishing for their breakfast.

Sunset at Channel Islands Harbor in time lapse. Taken with my JVC adixxion.

When I think of the word “sea” I think beaches and shores of blue ocean with an unending view of the water.
As fortunate as I am to live fairly close to many of California’s beaches I felt the greatest view of the sea I ever had was during my 2010 trip to the island of Kauai while hiking along the Kalalau trails.