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A view of Hollywood Beach in Oxnard Ca. as sundown comes to a close.

A view from Hollywood Beach in Oxnard Ca. A hot clear after summer weekend with a clear view of Channel Islands in the distance.
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A long billed curlew finds itself a little early morning sand crab meal along the shores of Oxnard beach Ca.


A wide angle view of the moon and sea at night from the beach in channel islands harbor Oxnard Ca. The lights in the distance of the sea are massive oil rigs which are stationed out there.

Sunset at Channel Islands Harbor in time lapse. Taken with my JVC adixxion.

A view of the beach in the evening at Channel Islands Harbor around the corner from where my brother lives.

At a visit to the beach over the weekend I couldn’t help but notice a lot of yachts and ships far out to sea. Thought it would make a nice capture to single one out as if they were a sole adventurer in the ocean and wishing to myself that I could be out there with them!
300mm at ISO100 1/2500 sec f5.6
Edited in lightroom


Do these dark waters reflect joy and dreams of tomorrow
Or do you find here only heartbreak and sorrow?

Pelican Through Fence

When Sunday’s show ended and we headed back to the parking lot of Miner St. I couldn’t help but notice a large pelican at the end of the docks. Unfortunately, the area this big bird was perched was gated and off limits to pedestrians so, i had to find a way to get a shot of the creature by other means which was through the fence. At first I thought of just deleting this shot but on second looks it ended up being quite interesting.


Using the sketch photo option in my camera I took this random shot of my surroundings on Miner Street in San Pedro’s Port of Los Angeles. If you can catch a glimpse of the canopy tents to the right, that is actually what brought us here that day. We were here to watch Cirque Du Soliel’s Totem as a surprise for my birthday which was on Sunday. However, no photography was allowed at the show itself so, I took advantage of what was within walking proximity of me instead, before the show began. Scenes like this and the Lane Victory ship were pleasant atmospheric surroundings which you could walk to from the circus tents that day.