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One of the regulars at Wednesday’s cruise night with probably the most easily identifiable vehicle to associate with when one mentions “cars from the 50’s”!
Of course, It could be my vehicle which may be the most easily identifiable in the eyes of today’s kids after the ‘Cars’ movie had come out. 😉


Textured bits of clouds among the sky appear much like reptile scales.

Little birdy fly by

Ok, so while rummaging through my mom n pop’s house and their old camera stuff which they no longer use, I happened to uncover some new finds for my own CSC. I had found a unused slr super albinar 28mm 2.8 wide angle lens, which I believe was meant for an old Minolta camera which they once possessed. Along with that, I had found a Canon 630 slr equipped with a 35-80mm lens. I had purchased myself a couple of adapter rings to fit these lenses to my Samsung NX1000 body and today was a day to test them out.
The shot which I have here was taken using the Canon 35-80mm lens. The next shot which I will upload will be one taken with my NX albinar lens combo.




Shot and retouched this around San Francisquito Ca. using my point and shoot Olympus TG1 with one of the in camera options known as dramatic which turned a regular calm and pleasant day into a scene of an impending storm. I’ve been using my Samsung CSC and manual shooting mode so much lately, I almost forgot how fun my little rugged point and shoot could be.


Pokey bird

My mother’s blue fronted amazon parrot Pokey. He’s been part of the family for well over 20 years now.


Lookout point in Antelope valley from the 14 freeway at dusk in negative.


Also known as:
“I just want to give you the creeps!” 🙂