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One of those mistakes that for some reason tends to still intrigue and creates something artsy. A last moment movement when snapping a pic of the city lights at night.


If anyone else is in the least bit drawn to this photo, well then, you can only imagine what a mosquito or a moth must see in it.
Was just sort of testing my camera’s manual focusing at night at a shutter speed fast enough that could still be pulled off handheld without the use of a tripod or any image stabilization.


CuriousVogel July4

Night shot from the 14 fwy overlook point in Palmdale Ca. on 4th of July. One firework captured in camera on 5 second delay. Apparently, I was out too early to catch a good multiple display of fireworks before my battery was expended but, i guess one is better than none at all.

CuriousVogel Vegas1

Just a few night time shots around Las Vegas NV during my visit this week.

CuriousVogel Vegas2

CuriousVogel Vegas3

CuriousVogel Vegas4

Palmdale Night

A portion of the Antelope Valley California at dark. The view includes a part of the waterway and the lake. My first attempt at capturing the city night lights using my CSC.

CuriousVogel Moon n Clouds

Shooting the moon through a little dramatic cloud coverage.