Ok, so i’ve been wanting to get some nice closer pictures from a distance than my current stock 20-50mm lens has allowed but, i’m not yet ready to fork over $300+ on a lens for my camera make when i do not photograph for a living nor get paid for any of my work either. I had first tried with an old manual focus and f-stop super albinar 50-200mm lens which i got for around $20 but it is very heavy piece and tended to lack in focus clarity with the adapter ring attached to my dcsc camera body. Today i visited the local camera shop and had found an old used Quantaray 70-300mm with auto f-stop from 4-5.6 with a price of $39. I was told that these were bargain end Sigma type lenses and that probably wont work with my camera. Of course i was not looking for or expecting any of the auto focus functions to work with my camera, i just wanted to use the manual functions to have something extra in my bag to try and get some closer shots at full resolution from a distance until I can afford the proper zoom lens meant for my Camera. I see no reason to dish out hundreds of $$ on other popular named brands if i can’t use the auto functions or electronics anyway. Now, i read all kinds of mean nasty things about this Quantaray brand on all kinds of forums after having already bought it but after doing some test shots today, i am wondering, is it really all that bad??
Maybe my eyes are just getting older and i cannot detect all the little flaws and nuances in the pictures i’m taking, or maybe i just got lucky and got a better build than others have experienced with this lens brand. Whatever it may be, after playing around with it today i think i rather quite like the quality of images this lens is giving me in all its manualness! 😀
Anyhow, maybe you pros or people more keen and adept than I in the photography world can give me your opinion on the above image taken with this lens?
This was taken at 180mm from about 10ft away at iso100 1/500 sec exposure and enlarged 2X using in camera cropping option.
No other after touch ups or editing added apart from my signature.