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Laying out on the yard pavers, this little blue belly seemed to have little fear of my presence while trying to warm up to the days sunshine. This little fella even closed its eyes several times as either to suggest deep relaxation or, maybe it felt that my presence was a horrible nightmare and if it closed its eyes long enough and reopened them i would eventually disappear from sight! 🙂


This blue belly lizard was reluctant to move from this sun basking spot and allowed me to get rather close before seeing me as a threat and running off.


A little close up into the eye of my pet bearded dragon.


A small common Uta lizard basking in the desert sun on a lone random brick. Taken with my Olympus TG-1 adventure camera in dramatic setting mode and then retouched.


Stump tail

Decided to nickname and give this little guy some photo credit as he scurried across the wall of my moms home. I love birds, bugs, and reptiles, but not often do people appreciate the less than perfect specimens. I decided to follow around this little blue belly lizard, who had dropped or lost his tail I could only assume to escape a predator at some point and now is in the process of awaiting it’s regrowth. Though it will never regenerate as nice as it’s original tail, this little fella’ deserves credit just for being the survivor that it is.


Another little blue belly lizard basking on pavers in the yard. My guess is that this little guy was pretty hot judging by his upward curled fingers in the front. Either that, or it is a way to keep his little claws from getting caught in all the little pores of the pavers when he needs to make a quick getaway!

Rose by CuriousVogel

Our pet Bearded Dragon (Rose) in photo sketch.

curiousvogel uta lizard
curiousvogels uta lizard

One of the finds on my trail walk today. This uta lizard allowed me to approach relatively close to it as it was looking to soak up as much of the warm sun as possible.