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A couple more sweet rides at the car show found during Viva Las Vegas weekend a few weekends ago



While in Las Vegas NV. a couple of months back. I couldn’t help but be drawn to an interesting building design which was under construction. I really have no idea what it is, when it will be finished, or what it will look like when it is completed but, I do hope that it will be a functional piece of architecture as opposed to just a large artsy bit of extra wasted steel and constructional labor work. At the least, I would hope it will be a large lighted canopy, or a floor level that you can walk underneath and be able to appreciate the design work up close.



A very unusual building in Las Vegas, the Cleveland Clinic Center Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health designed by Architect Frank Gehry, and located below the World Market Center appears to be kind of an oxymoron between its designing and what the building is for.

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Just a few night time shots around Las Vegas NV during my visit this week.

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