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My favorite of the little hummers who visit the backyard feeder is this little fella which, if I’m not mistaken, is a Costa’s hummingbird, due to the iridescent purples and extensions of his throat feathers past the neckline. I have spent some good long hours laying in wait to get some decent captures of these particular birds as they are small and very fast and require the right angles to capture their ruby or purple colorings. Being restricted to manual focus only is another challenge i face when snapping away at these little hummers. These shots were taken at  300mm iso200 1/500sec exposure at f5.6 Hope you all enjoy! 🙂SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC


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So this is the other little hummer that was sharing time at the feeder the other day. I happened to catch one shot of the little fella in mid blink and always wonder why it’s usually a bad thing when people do it on camera but, makes for interesting or adorable kind of moments when animals do.




So, i have recently purchased an android tablet and have been trying to do some posting using just some quick built in photo editing tools to see how they turn out in comparison to my desktop pc. I’m feeling sort of like i’m instagramming in a way but at least my photos can be uploaded at full aspect ratio as opposed to having to crop everything in 1:1 frame. The photos above are of a little hummingbird who was perched in the backyard tree yesterday. The original shots turned out rather dark so they initially all pretty much looked just like sillouhettes (like the black and white shot in the middle) so, using some quick and easy android photo app tools i brightened and sharpened them up a bit so hopefully they turned out ok. I must say that i do love taking advantage of my csc’s wifi capability to transfer photos to my mobile devices.