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My brother playing his upright bass with one of his bands and posing in photo finish fashion to one of their songs.

My brother’s band HARD SIX was fortunate enough to play in the Roadshow Revival show yesterday in Ventura California and open up for Los Lobos, The Paladins, James Intveld, Dale Watson and several other bands big in the Rock and Roll, Rockabilly, Hard Rock, and/or Country Western scene.
The show itself is a tribute to the music of Johnny Cash so, many bands had covered several Johnny Cash tunes while also getting to play originals of their own. This particular song is a new original medley from my brother’s band titled Black Syrup Sky performed live. Anyone living around the beaches or harbors during certain overcast nights may be able to relate to title on this one and anyone big on emotions or ballads may be able to relate to whole song itself. My brother is the bassist for the band.

My brother’s band performing one of their own original songs: Haunted Ride. This catchy tune and fun cheesy video of B-movie flair also contains cameo appearances by Bill Murphy (Fact or Faked: The Paranormal Files) and taxidermist Chuck Testa. My brother is the bassist for the band.
Hope you enjoy!