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The last trace of sunset’s glow before slipping into the darkness of the night sky and the light of the stars.

Taken at iso200 22mm F5.0 at 20 sec.


The evening sky viewed from Don E Brooks ranch in California. A very bright sliver of a moon this evening and what is presumably the planet Venus to upper left corner also shining mighty bright.


Or maybe it is a planet because it sure was bright for such a tiny little speck! At any rate it was the first bright light in the evening sky and it was not the moon and not a copter or an airplane.
At 100iso this one did require the use of a tripod, but only a short 5 second time was needed. Also taken with NX1000 and Albinar 28mm lens combo at F2.8.


CuriousVogel Angeles Crest 1

CuriousVogel Angeles Crest 2

A couple of views through the woods from the Angeles Crest 2 Hwy just before dark while my camera could still take a quick and clean enough shot without a tripod handy and utilizing only my hands for stabilization.