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As I promised fellow photo blogger joeinfocus that I had coincidentally photographed the same hood ornament he posted a photo of, while I was at a car show yesterday here on the westcoast.
This Cadillac hood ornament I had captured was on a that of a ’48 or ’49.
Shot at 1/160 second 38mm F8 iso100
Color splash added in photo editor app.

Hudson dash
A selective colored look from the driver’s seat of my Hudson.


Using a little blurring image effect around the outline of my vehicle, I hoped to make my car appear to be a little more in motion than just standing still in park.


Snapping this pic of my car today brought that song by Santana and Everlast to mind. 🙂

October 011_Editedb_Edited

From a 2008 Hollywood Hot Rods show.



Finally got my oldie running and out of the garage for a moment. Still a work in progress, but as long as she runs and drives things are good!


Wish I had my current camera when I took this picture some 5 years ago but even with my old point and shoot it still turned out pretty good.
From left to right is my ’52 Hudson Wasp Hollywood, my friend’s ’48 Dodge stake bed truck, and then another friend’s ’53 Chevy pickup.
All vehicles at least a good 20-30 years older than each of us are.