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The iconic Arch rock, east Anacapa

This little flycatcher wants more cookie crumbs than what will acceptably fit in his little beak.


A long billed curlew finds itself a little early morning sand crab meal along the shores of Oxnard beach Ca.



This small hummer was taking several little ruffled feather perch breaks while buzzing around the feeder and chasing off any other little hummers trying to get their fair share. I found these little guys to be rather territorial when it comes around to feeding time! Guess i’d be a bit exhausted often too though if I had to constantly flail my arms or legs from 40-80 times a second to move around.

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My favorite of the little hummers who visit the backyard feeder is this little fella which, if I’m not mistaken, is a Costa’s hummingbird, due to the iridescent purples and extensions of his throat feathers past the neckline. I have spent some good long hours laying in wait to get some decent captures of these particular birds as they are small and very fast and require the right angles to capture their ruby or purple colorings. Being restricted to manual focus only is another challenge i face when snapping away at these little hummers. These shots were taken at  300mm iso200 1/500sec exposure at f5.6 Hope you all enjoy! 🙂SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC