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Although the mornings are enough to freeze things over, the winter season here has not yet been too cold for very long, and the days this week have even been quite warm. With sunsets such as these, you would not believe we’ve had any winter weather in the California deserts at all!


Anyone else see a strange face or two in the sky?


A rather warm day for winter in SoCal today filled with warm sun and beautiful skies and cloud patterns during late afternoon.


The clouds of our California afternoon sky create their own special abstract artwork through the lens.


Daylight savings strikes again with another 4:30pm sundown. The power lines from the tower in the hills almost appears to be attached to the fading sun behind the hills in this particular shot.


Afternoon sky, clouds, and landscape, with traces of jet flight trails in the air.


The days last trace of sunlight and if you look close and your screen is big enough, you will also see the tiny speck of the first star of the night.


I’m not a huge fan of fall daylight savings time as the sun starts going down around 4pm now, and it gets really dark by 5:30 but, on a positive note, I was able to get this shot of the sun dropping behind a cloud right before descending behind the hills and bringing about complete darkness today.


An interesting display of glowing clouds lit by the last rays of sundown, under a layer of darkened clouds above, from my backyard.