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10086040On the other side of the lot on Wednesday’s cruise night, a motley crew of classic car front ends lined up in a row. My Hudson parked down at the far end.

Wednesday evenings cruise night at the local eatery. A nice turnout of vehicles showed up this week which I will post more of later. I thought this particular shot looked pretty nostalgic though.


As I promised fellow photo blogger joeinfocus that I had coincidentally photographed the same hood ornament he posted a photo of, while I was at a car show yesterday here on the westcoast.
This Cadillac hood ornament I had captured was on a that of a ’48 or ’49.
Shot at 1/160 second 38mm F8 iso100
Color splash added in photo editor app.


This year, Christmas was celebrated at my older brother’s house. He and his wife had recently inherited an old Hallet & Davis phonograph which we cranked up and played some old vinyl tunes with. In an age of mostly CDs and digital downloads, it was quite a treat to hear the sounds of old records on an even older player.