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Another gorgeous flame job on an sweet old Mercury on display at this years Viva Las Vegas 2015 car show!

The ever menacing and attractive front end of an old Buick. One of many shiny beautiful old and custom vehicles to be seen at the famous Viva Las Vegas rockabilly weekend which took place a couple of weeks back. More to come!

10086040On the other side of the lot on Wednesday’s cruise night, a motley crew of classic car front ends lined up in a row. My Hudson parked down at the far end.


Just a little view at home in the evening.


So, when my brother and his band play a show around town, I usually get to borrow the keys to his 57′ Chevy until my own ride is roadworthy enough for the drive back and forth to his place. Of course, when I’m driving, I usually don’t get the chance to take and photos so, on this day I tagged along when he took a trip to the store and got this shot while cruising down harbor blvd. Did a little selective coloring in the post process and ended up with a shot that would probably make a nice album or some sort of cover photo!

Front view of my Hudson at home in the driveway with the accessory grill emblem light on after coming home from this evening’s cruise night at the local neighborhood In & Out burger. Many old classics had unique and neat little emblems or hood ornament features which helped to distinguish your vehicles brand and/or stand out amongst the crowd and some were lighted to be seen in day or night!

Hudson dash
A selective colored look from the driver’s seat of my Hudson.




Finally got my oldie running and out of the garage for a moment. Still a work in progress, but as long as she runs and drives things are good!


Applying one of the various and fun in-camera magic options while photographing my 52′ Hudson, as it sadly sits in the garage waiting to run again.
I sure wish these kind of art cheats were available in my drawing class years ago!