One of the regulars at Wednesday’s cruise night with probably the most easily identifiable vehicle to associate with when one mentions “cars from the 50′s”!
Of course, It could be my vehicle which may be the most easily identifiable in the eyes of today’s kids after the ‘Cars’ movie had come out. ;-)

Front view of my Hudson at home in the driveway with the accessory grill emblem light on after coming home from this evening’s cruise night at the local neighborhood In & Out burger. Many old classics had unique and neat little emblems or hood ornament features which helped to distinguish your vehicles brand and/or stand out amongst the crowd and some were lighted to be seen in day or night!

Sunset at Channel Islands Harbor in time lapse. Taken with my JVC adixxion.

A view of the night sky through the trees from Todd Longshore park in Santa Clarita Ca.
Just a single raw file shot processed in Lightroom.
20 sec exposure

An interesting capture of the moon within the night clouds. The cloud formation resembling somewhat of a monstrous skeletal hand.

A view of the beach in the evening at Channel Islands Harbor around the corner from where my brother lives.

Last weekend was the first time in all of my years that I had watched and captured a sunset at the beach. This was taken at Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard California. If you enlarge the image to full screen, you will also notice the nice touch of birds in the scene is not a flock of seagulls but, a flock of pelicans instead. More images to come!
Hope you enjoy!

A view of portion of my city at night from a park and lookout point in Santa Clarita California.
20 second exposure at iso200 f11 at 50mm focal length
RAW image file edited in lightroom

At a visit to the beach over the weekend I couldn’t help but notice a lot of yachts and ships far out to sea. Thought it would make a nice capture to single one out as if they were a sole adventurer in the ocean and wishing to myself that I could be out there with them!
300mm at ISO100 1/2500 sec f5.6
Edited in lightroom

A little night shot in black and white (or what my camera dubs as ‘classic’ mode) of the big dipper and night sky behind a telephone pole from my backyard.


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